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João de Castilho


Despite being born around 1470 in Castilla near Santander, Cantabria, João de Castilho was to accomplish most of his life’s work in Portugal.

He worked in various places: the Sé Cathedral of Braga, the Parish Church of Vila do Conde, the Convent of Christ in Tomar, as well as the Monastery of Jerónimos in Lisbon, amongst others.

His contact with masters of various nationalities would lead him to leave behind the Manueline style of his work in Tomar and Jerónimos, and firmly embrace the Renaissance.

He is considered to be the greatest Portuguese architect of the 16th century and one of the most notable in Europe at that time.

He would die in 1552 in Tomar.

He also contributed to the construction of the Monastery of Batalha, namely in the entrance of the Unfinished Chapels, when he was appointed Master Builder by King João III, from 1528 until about 1532.