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Friar Lourenço Lampreia


Friar Lourenço Lampreia was the first prior of the Dominican Monastery of Batalha, appointed by royal charter on April 4, 1388.

It is not clear why he was chosen to minister the convent, whether he was elected by the original group of friars, or whether he was nominated by the general cleric of Portugal with royal approval.

Before heading to Batalha, he lived in obscurity in São Domingos, Santarém.

He only came to people’s attention when in 1385 he supported the election of João I, Master of Avis, in the Cortes, or assembly, of Coimbra alongside João das Regras, who also was nominated spokesperson and defender of the interests of the monastery.

Both having come from humble beginnings, only an event of such a magnitude would have allowed these two men to be considered suitable for the important positions they came to occupy.