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Friar Bartolomeu dos Mártires


Friar Bartolomeu was born in Lisbon in early May of 1514, and died at the Convent of Santa Cruz in Viana do Castelo on 16 July 1590.

He was not yet 14 when he began to study the elementary disciplines, indulging his sympathies for the Dominican faith whenever he would pass by the Church of the Martyrs to hear the friars.

He joined the order under the name of Friar Bartolomeu dos Mártires on 15 November 1529.

He immediately began to attend the courses of art and theology at the aforementioned convent and before long he was nominated teacher at the college. Later on he would lecture Theology at the Convent of Batalha.

He then became prior of the Convent of Saint Dominic in Benfica, Lisbon.

He was made archbishop in Braga in 1558/1559.

His last years were spent at the convent he had founded in Viana do Castelo, until his death. He was buried in the main chapel of the convent.

He prepared a catechism for the people entitled ‘Catechism of Christian Doctrine and Spiritual Practices’.

He was declared Reverend by Pope Gregory XVI on March 23, 1845.

Pope John Paul proceeded with his beatification on November 4, 2001.