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Research Projects

Research Projects

Among the projects of the Monastery of Saint Maria da Vitória, adjunct to the Institute of Architectural and Archaeological Heritage (IGESPAR), is the ongoing study of its own patrimony, whether through in-house research or in collaboration with independent organisations.


In 2008, IGESPAR reached an agreement to collaborate with the Conservation and Restoration Department of the New University of Lisbon’s Sciences and Technology Faculty on the study of means of production and the deterioration of the stained glass windows at Batalha, as well as their conservation. Within the ambit of this agreement, the following research projects are under way:


- “Study and treatment of the opacification of the subsurface glass of the 14th and 15th century stained glass windows of the Monastery of Saint Maria da Vitória”; researchers – Márcia Vilarigues and Pedro Redol


- “Study of a 14th century stained glass panel of the Monastery of Saint Maria da Vitória: characterisation, deterioration and cleaning”; a project looking to be awarded a Masters in Conservation and Restoration by the Sciences and Technology Faculty of the New University of Lisbon; candidate - Andreia Machado; advisor – Márcia Vilarigues; co-advisor – Pedro Redol


At IGESPAR itself, a study is currently being carried out into the conservation and restoration of materials exhumed from a 15th century drain, found during an archaeological dig undertaken in the Monastery’s original pantry (next to the kitchen) in July 2009.


All the conservation and research projects carried out within the Monastery itself are developed at its Centre of Stained Glass Conservation and Restoration, situated on the upper floor north wing of the Cloister of King Afonso V.