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Educational Service

Educational Service

The Monastery of Batalha offers a range of guided tours and activity programmes tailored to different publics.

The route shall follow the general circuit with any alterations made only on request.

Guided tours and activity programmes must be booked in advance, by calling telephone +351 244765497.

Guided tours for the occasional visitor, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, are for a minimum of six people. These tours are standard and organised by the Monument.

Tours for Kindergarten and Students Years 1 to 4 shall likewise be conducted by staff affiliated with the Educational Service.

For Year 5 and above, guided tours for students visiting the Monastery shall be conducted by their teachers with the aid of Help Sheets, available for download from this site.



1 – Storytelling

Lasting about one hour and consisting of telling the story of some episode in the Monastery’s history, or the history of the Chapter House. At the end, the students will be given a sheet of paper to take to school on which they paint their recollection of the story / improve understanding.

For Students Years 1 to 4 – activity fee €1 - maximum number of students per activity – 25


2 – Paper Chase


Lasting about two hours and consisting of the exploration of various spaces within the Monument, thereby building/consolidating knowledge through interactive discovery.


a) paper chase – “Let’s explore the Monastery” + map

b) paper chase – “Puzzles in the Monastery” + map and puzzle pieces.

c) paper chase – “The Monastery is a Symphony” + map

For Students years 5 to 10 – activity fee €1.50 - maximum number of students per activity – 1 class.


3 – “Let’s go to Domingos the Monk’s house”

In which we invent a character, ‘Domingos the Monk’, to teach the children about the life of a Dominican friar in Batalha Monastery. At the visit’s end, the pupils build a puzzle from pieces found within the Garden of the Cloister of King João I.

Lasting about 1 hour 30 minutes and consisting of a guided tour. For kindergarten and Years 1 to 4 – tour fee €0.50 - maximum number of students per activity – 1 class.


4 - "Monastery Trivial Pursuit”

A knowledge-building game with questions about the Monastery, History, Art, the Dominican lifestyle and the Rule of Saint Dominic. At the end participants are given a diploma. Lasting about one hour – For Secondary School students and Advanced – Activity fee – €0.50 - maximum number of students per game – 25.


5- "Art History Workshop”

A brief talk and slideshow followed by practical exercises about the artworks and written texts, with the objective of personalising the understanding of the origins and methods of Art History. Options:

a) “In search of Francisco Henriques, painter of King Manuel I”.

b) “Materials and Techniques of Old Master painting – mural painting”

Lasting one hour – For Advanced level students and Teachers – Price per workshop €1 - maximum number of people per workshop – 25.

The Guides

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Teaching Aid Sheets

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