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Hiring Spaces



Parking is free.
For cars: parking lots to the north and south of the monastery; capacity for 200 vehicles.
For coaches: parking lot to the south (private lot) and east (next to the multipurpose hall); capacity for 12 coaches.

Events covered

Receptions, conferences, music performances/poetry recitals, book launches, official acts, cultural activities, shows and exhibitions. Prior consultation necessary; conditions negotiated for each specific case.


Equipment available

The Auditorium has a public address system; overhead projector; 171 conference chairs; table of honour


Unfinished Chapels

Construction of the Unfinished Chapels, thus called because they were never completed, began around 1436, having been commissioned by King Duarte as a pantheon for his own tomb. They remain without roofs till today. The Chapels are of high scenographic value.

Useful area: 35 m in diameter
Features: stone walls and floors. Exterior power outlets

 Capacity: 150 persons standing

Royal Cloister

The Royal Cloister (also known as the João I Cloister), the first to be built at the monastery, was much added to and embellished during the reign of King Manuel I. Adjacent to the church, many of the monastery’s rooms lead off the cloister, such as the Dormitory, the Chapter Room and the Refectory.

Useful area: 52.44 x 5.32 m (x galleries)
Features: stones walls and floors; power outlets
Capacity: 400 persons seated


The Monastery of Batalha Auditorium was built in 1988/89 in an amphitheatre style designed by the architect Viana de Lima.

Useful area: 26.3 x 9.88 m
Features: Carpeted floors, wall coverings in fabric. Power outlets
Capacity: 171 persons seated
Has sound equipment and lighting