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Misericórdia Chapel



The Misericórdia Chapel or Chapel of Mercy was built on top of the town’s existing hospital, built during the reign of King João I in 1427. The 18th century chapel, a Joanine structure with a longitudinal plan, is composed of a single rectangular nave set on a raised platform, onto which various dependencies in the side wings are backed. On the western side is situated the quadrangular Dispatch Room, with its wooden roof. The simple lines of its façade end in an angular gable, inset with a portal and, on its second tier, with two sash windows at opposite ends of the elevation. The ornately-framed picture window particularly stands out with its stone balustrade, topped with the royal crown, in the style of late 18th century Rococo. On the interior, single-naved and covered with a ceiling painted with the Joanine shield, the main altar is of special interest, its painted carving from the same period as the large window.  There is a high altar over the main door, and a pulpit on the western side.