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The Aviz Dynasty

This was the second dynasty to rule in Portugal, between 1385 and 1581.


The Kings who belonged to this dynasty were the following:


King João I, Master of Aviz, from 1385 to 1433

King Duarte, from 1433 to 1438

King Afonso V, from 1438 to 1481

King João II, from 1481 to 1495

King Manuel I, from 1495 to 1521

King João III, from 1521 to 1557

King Sebastião, from 1557 to 1578

King Henrique, from 1578 to 1580

King António, from 1580 to 1581


All of its members were important, but special mention should be given to King João I and his children for the grand scale of their achievements in the areas of maritime expansion, culture and the arts and, what’s more, in the innovative methods they used to govern the country.


Those in question are King Duarte, King Pedro, King Henrique, King João and King Fernando, commonly known as the Illustrious Generation, as Camões would so call them in his Os Lusíadas.


King João I was married to Queen Filipa de Lencastre and both of them did their utmost to ensure their children were educated in a wide variety of areas, thus leading them to write and translate literary works which would come to be recognised for their great historical importance.


The Illustrious Generation were all laid to rest, with the exception of King Duarte, who built his own pantheon, in the Founder’s Chapel of the Monastery of Batalha, the first Royal Pantheon ever built in Portugal.