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Internal Organisation


A number of different offices are involved in the daily management of the Monastery of Batalha, each having specific powers and objectives.

The VISITOR SUPPORT OFFICE, managed directly by the Monastery’s Director, is the interlocutor of choice for members of the public seeking clarifications or more detailed information that is not available in the Monastery’s information signage or other dissemination materials. This office is also responsible for passing on applications for renting spaces in the Monastery to IGESPAR.

The EDUCATIONAL DEPARTMENT receives thousands of visitors each year and was specifically set up to attend to the needs of teachers and students of all education levels taking part in study visits to the monument.
In addition to dynamising school visits, this department also plans, produces and realises the contents of the tour guide documentation and pedagogic file sheets made available. It also carries out diverse didactic/pedagogic actions aimed not only at attracting new audiences but also raising awareness amongst the younger generation for the importance of protecting and safeguarding our heritage.

The CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION DEPARTMENT oversees and provides guidance for curricular internships from the Portuguese universities and colleges and diagnoses, monitors, and draws up opinion reports on conservation and restoration actions, be they on stone elements or stained glass.

The MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT is manned by duly qualified specialists on the monastery, whose work is aimed at guaranteeing the monument’s functionality and the quality of the services provided.

The ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT is the body that manages and continually monitors the operation processes, namely revenue and expenditure and the performance of the diverse work groups. It also provides the Monastery management with the key indicators for guaranteeing compliance with service quality practices.

The main responsibilities of the SECURITY DEPARTMENT, which also reports directly to the Director, are to maintain the good visiting conditions of the monastery, as well as the security of the building and its contents, operating facilities and its works of art in storage.